During the first phase of the National Quantum Technologies Programme (2014 – 2019), EPSRC funded a national network of Quantum Technology Hubs through a £120 million investment in four hubs over five years.  These were to harness the UK’s strengths in quantum science by turning this into strength in quantum technologies.  As part of their investments in the second phase of the National Programme, EPSRC has refreshed the Quantum Technology Hubs with a £94 million investment in four hubs over five years, to maintain the technological research leadership that the UK has established in quantum technologies through the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme. 

UK Quantum Technology Hubs in:

Sensors and timing

Quantum enhanced imaging (QuantIC)

Quantum computing and simulation

Quantum communications Technologies (Quantum Communications Hub)



Quantum technologies are expected to have applications across multiple future multi-billion-pound industries in many markets and sectors:

Quantum timing devices
Quantum gravity sensing devices
Quantum positioning systems
Quantum secure communications
Quantum enhanced imaging
Quantum computers

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