Equality, diversity and inclusion in quantum technology

As stated in our strategic intent (PDF, 11MB), the National Quantum Technology Programme (NQTP) aims to promote equality, diversity and inclusion throughout the quantum technology sector. We recognise that a diverse, inclusive workforce is key to achieving the UK government’s goal of a being a global leader in quantum technology.

We fully support the equality, diversity and inclusion principles developed by UKRI as set out below:

Key principles

Woman speaking at conference
Professor Viv Kendon presenting on quantum computing
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion is a critical aspect of a healthy research culture – from how it’s designed, how it’s carried out and who is involved.
  • Research and innovation should be “for everyone, by everyone” – a dynamic, diverse and inclusive research and innovation system in the UK is an integral part of society and should give everyone the opportunity to participate and to benefit.
  • We need to be diverse to accommodate that research and innovation is unpredictable, is often created through new and unanticipated combinations, and can take many forms.
  • By recognising and nurturing all people in the system and diversifying interactions, we will enrich our lives by creating knowledge, enabling us to understand the world around us and empowering us to tackle the many challenges we face as individuals and as communities, nationally and globally.
  • The whole workforce are key contributors in the research and innovation system – from the lead researcher or innovator, to those who keep the lights on or maintain the large infrastructure and equipment in our laboratories, small businesses or on our research vessels.
  • By valuing all, we recognise that a diversity of ideas, opinions, knowledge and people enriches our work and enlarges our knowledge economy.

Women in Quantum presentation

A presentation by KTN, one of our delivery partners about their current and upcoming efforts and initiatives to achieve better equality and diversity in quantum technologies.

Women in Quantum webinar slides (PDF, 646KB)


OneQuantum offer international networking opportunities and have a Women in Quantum programme.