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Quantum Technology Career Development Fellowships Preannouncement

This fellowship award is designed to support talented post-doctoral researchers, or those with equivalent experience, looking to lead their own research programme, transition from post-doctoral researcher to independent investigator and develop their research profile within the Quantum Technology sector. All Quantum Technology fields are open for fellowship applications but there will be a small number of fellowships available through this call that will be sponsored by the National Quantum Computing centre (NQCC).

You must be hosted and supported by an eligible UK research organisation during your fellowship.

You must have either:

The award provides funding for an ambitious programme of research and offers opportunities for personalised training and career development.

Fellowship proposals can request funding for between 3-5 years.  Applicants can request to spend between 50% and 100% of their time on a fellowship. Fellowships can also be held part-time, at a minimal level of 50%.

Proposals must be at least 50% within the EPSRC remit and can cover any aspect of Quantum Technology research; discovery, innovation, device development or quantum software engineering.

There is no limit on how much funding applicants can request but all costs will need to be fully justified. EPSRC will fund 80% of the full economic costs, with the research organisation funding the remaining 20%.

Applications will be sent out for peer review and will then be assessed by a prioritisation panel. Following the panel successful applicants will be invited to an interview panel.

More details can be found on the UKRI funding opportunities page and the full call will be published there in August.

Key dates:

Call opens: 04/08/2021

Call closes: 06/10/2021

Studentship opportunities

For information on studentship opportunities with the UK National Quantum Technology Hubs, please contact the hubs directly. 

Quantum Technology Hubs

Each of the four quantum technology hubs has flexible funding in the form of partnership resource which enables new projects to be funded in collaboration with Academia and Industry. Further details of how each hub is using their partnership resource can be found below and directly on their websites at the following pages:

QuantIC’s Accelerated Development Fund to support quantum projects now open

QuantIC’s mission is to link world-leading quantum technologists with industry leaders and technology users to accelerate innovation in imaging in alignment with industry priorities and societal needs.

The Accelerated Development Fund (ADF) has a total budget of £2M over two calls and is designed to bring new research ideas into QuantIC. Projects will address a demonstrable industrial or societal need and will feed the pipeline of technology to be translated into industrial applications and commercial opportunities.

ADF awards will be a maximum of 24 months and each project will receive a maximum award of £250k (£200k at 80% of) full economic costing.

Since ADF projects are targeted to bring new ideas into QuantIC, projects should clearly demonstrate how they align with and further the Hub’s mission and how they integrate with yet differentiate from our existing pipeline.

Leverage of additional funding and resources in the form of institutional support, industrial support etc. is not essential but it is encouraged and will be considered in the evaluation process.

Key dates:

Call opens: 01/02/2021

Expression of interest submission deadline: 07/05/2021

Decision communicated to applicants: End of June 2021

Workshop for successful EOIs: 21/07/2021

Full applications deadline: 09/09/2021

Outcomes communicated to applicants: beginning of November 2021

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